Australian Chinese for Families Association


The Australian Chinese For Families Association was established in May 2017. Our aim is to bring together the Chinese community throughout Australia who hold to traditional family values. We want to give a voice to our collective concerns clearly and respectfully, both to our government and our greater society.

Our concerns surround issues that are a threat to families and our next generations, including the Safe Schools Coalition program and same-sex marriage. This website is provided as a resource for the Chinese Australian community. We hope you will read and share this important information widely, and we warmly invite you to sign up to our free newsletter here.

澳洲华人家庭守护联盟 于2017年5月正式成立。我们的宗旨是为全澳持有传统家庭价值观的华人提供一个平台,集合大家的声音,向政府和广大社会清晰而合理地表达我们的意愿。我们关注各种对家庭和下一代带来威胁的事项——包括“安全学校”计划、同性婚姻合法化等。本网站为澳洲华人提供最及时全面的相关信息,恳请大家详细阅览并广泛转发。我们邀请您现在就点击这里,免费订阅我们的定期新闻推送!


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