Australian Chinese for Families Association About Us / “关于我们”


The Australian Chinese for Families Association was started by a group of parents who became concerned about the Safe Schools Coalition Program being implemented across Australia. After extensive research into the resource, we realised that we must work together to convey our concerns to the Australian government.

In Aug 2016, we organised an Australian Chinese petition to the NSW Government against the Safe Schools Coalition Program. This petition received widespread support among the Australian Chinese community, and we gathered 17500 signatures within one and a half months. This petition was presented to the NSW Parliament in September, which led to a debate about "Safe Schools" in the Parliament on 22nd Sep, 2016. The Safe Schools Coalition program was cancelled in NSW in April 2017.

Because of this success, parents from other states across Australia started reaching out to us, expressing their concerns regarding the Safe Schools programs being implemented in their states. The ongoing push against opposing voices by marriage “equality” campaigners in our society also demonstrates that it is important for the Australian Chinese community to work together to uphold family values.

We are a group of parents who love our children. Therefore, we invite you to join us in standing together to protect our next generation.







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