五月,为家长权利与信仰自由站出来!- Stand up for parental rights and religious freedom this May


主要政党一直在努力争取中国人的投票 - 工党承诺在社会福利和医疗保健方面投入更多资金,而自由党则保证能够更好地管理经济和降低税收。

As you have probably heard, the next Federal Election will be held on 18th May 2019, and pre-polling has already begun.

The major parties have been working hard on gaining the Chinese vote – Labor by promising to spend more money on social and health benefits, Liberal by promising a better managed economy and lower taxes.

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拉多克审查报告现已公布,工党将会采取什么行动?Ruddock review released; and what is Labor going to do about it?


拉多克(Philip Ruddock)和他所领导的委员会提出的这份长达140页的报告中有非常多的细节, 我们这期邮件更新无法逐条分享。 但是,迄今为止我们对政府就该报告的回应持谨慎乐观的态度,政府表示将原则上采纳该报告提出的20项建议中的15项。

The long-awaited Ruddock review into religious freedom has finally been released, along with the Government's response.

There are a lot of details in the 140-page report from Philip Ruddock and his committee – far too many to fully share in this update. However, we are cautiously optimistic about the Government's response to the report so far, where it has indicated that it will adopt 15 of the 20 recommendations “in principle”.

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工党不顾选民大量流失风险、攻击宗教学校 Labor risks voter whirlwind with attack on faith-based schools


Monday’s shock delay in the Senate of the Labor-sponsored Sex Discrimination Amendment (Removing Discrimination Against Students) Bill has capped off an interesting month for Australian religious education. Had it passed, it would have sprinted into law through the newly minted cross-bench of the House of Representatives.

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教会学校信仰自由受威胁 - Religious schools' values under threat


Do you send your children to a private school or a religious school, hoping that they are protected from the "Safe schools" program? Now, the right of private and religious schools to uphold their values ​​is also under threat.

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学校将被逼到走投无路 Schools would be pushed into an impossible corner


For the vast majority of religious schools, it was a shock to learn that they might be allowed to remove a student simply because of their sexual orientation—they had never considered that course of action. However, while that particular issue may have been a storm in a teacup, behind the furore of the last week, there are much bigger questions that need to be resolved. Like what it means for a religious community to be able to live in accordance with its deepest convictions and beliefs. That is the question the Ruddock Review was asked to address.

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首领地将限制教会学校聘用教师的自由权ACT to strip religious schools of hiring rights



ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr will move to strip religious schools of the legal right to reject gay teachers, reforms he says will go further than the Morrison government promise to better protect gay students.

Mr Barr will tabled a draft bill next Thursday to amend the ACT's discrimination laws to prevent discrimination against students and teachers on the basis of sexuality, gender identity, race, pregnancy or intersex characteristics.

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目前有关宗教信仰自由辩论的虚假论点 The dishonest argument of the current religious freedom debate




Even though the report of the Ruddock review into religious freedom has not been officially released, leaks of parts of the document by Fairfax media have been generating heated public debate over the past week.

The debate has mainly centred around the issue of whether religious school should have the freedom to expel students based on their sexuality.

Unfortunately, this is a dishonest argument being used by some irresponsible media outlets and politicians to score political points.

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新任总理莫里森誓言修改宗教自由相关法律 - Scott Morrison vows to change laws on religious freedom



Prime Minister Scott Morrison has vowed to change laws to protect religious freedom while assuring voters he will not be a "culture warrior" on divisive social issues, as he sets out his agenda as the new leader of a battered government.

Mr Morrison said new religious freedom laws were needed to safeguard personal liberty in a changing society, while also using an exclusive interview with Fairfax Media to outline his plans on energy, climate change, industrial relations and economic fairness.

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教师们虎视眈眈准备发现潜在的跨性别儿童 - Teachers on the look out for potential transgender children






PRIME Minister Scott Morrison says there is no need for “gender whisperers” in schools as news emerges of teachers being taught to spot potential transgender students­. 

Experts claim the move has contributed to a 236 per cent surge in the number of kids wanting to change sex in the past three years.

The training has been conducted by gender identity experts in public and private primary and secondary schools under the guise of professional standards development.

It involves teachers learning to identify key phrases such as “I feel different”, “I’m androgynous” and “I’m born with two spirits”, indicating transgender leanings in students­ as young as five.

Mr Morrison tweeted this morning that schools should “let kids be kids”.

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新总理斯科特•莫里森: 把女儿送到私立学校,避免公立学校强加性教育价值观 - Scott Morrison has said he sends his daughters to private school to avoid having the 'values of others' imposed on them


'I don't want these values imposed on my kids': Scott Morrison sends his children to private school so they avoid sex ed classes about 'bisexual teenagers who've had 15 partners by the age of 17’

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