Take Action: Urge our politicians to protect religious freedom!

去年,宗教自由和信仰自由受到多次攻击。反对党领袖工党领袖比尔·肖恩(Bill Shorten)提出了一项法案,要求废除现行的允许宗教机构自由维护自己的价值观的法律。


Last year, we saw multiple attacks on religious freedom and freedom of belief. The Opposition Leader, Labor party leader Bill Shorten, introduced a bill to remove current laws that allow religious institutions the freedom to uphold their institution's values.

If passed, this bill would have an enormous effect on the freedoms of churches, theological colleges and religious schools.



It is the start of another year for the Australian parliament. As our federal politicians begin to focus upon the upcoming election, it is important for us to remind them of the issues that we, the members of their electorate, care about and the values we hold.

We must help them to remember that unless they represent us on these core issues, we will not re-elect them to represent us.


We must remind them that this issue is our top concern, and we will base our vote on how they choose to act on this important issue. After all, this is an issue that will affect many generations to come.




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