Pansy Lai 医生参与电视广告录制,中文单张现已出炉 - Dr Pansy Lai in TV ad, and Chinese flyers now available

您是否看到我们的行动伙伴Coalition for Marriage最新发布的电视广告?在这片广告中,三位勇敢的妈妈,其中包括我们的联合创办人 Pansy Lai 医生,一起呼吁澳大利亚人民在邮政公投中投反对票“No”。

Have you seen the latest TV ad from our campaign partner, Coalition for Marriage? It features three brave mums, including our co-founder Dr Pansy Lai, urging Australians to vote “No” in the marriage plebiscite. 


As Pansy says, if Australia votes to change marriage, radical sexual and gender-ideology education will become compulsory in the future – because removing gender from our marriage laws means removing gender from the classroom.


If you haven’t seen it already, click the play button below to watch the TV ad.



对方阵营许多人极力诋毁这片广告所传达的信息——反对党领导人比尔. 肖顿拒绝承认视频所反映的事实,说这全部是“胡说八道”。也就是他,在上次联邦大选的时候,承诺要设立一个LGBTI“监察机构”来惩罚在学校和工作场所里面对LGBTI议程表达不同意见的人士


Many in the “Yes” camp have tried to discredit the video’s message – and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten rejected the facts presented, declaring the video to be “total rubbish”. Yet at the last federal election, he was the one who promised an LGBTI “watchdog” to punish people who disagree with the LGBTI agenda in schools and workplaces.


It’s very clear that freedom of religion and speech will be threatened if marriage is redefined. And as the brave mums shared in the above video, parents will also lose the right to decide what their children are taught at school.


That’s why it’s really important that we all work together to secure a “No” vote at the upcoming postal vote. We are working hard to achieve this – but we need your support. Please read on:


We have made a 6-page Chinese language flyer that people are free to distribute. The first 10,000 copies have already been snapped up, and we have ordered tens of thousands more. If you would like to order some printed flyers to give to your friends, or maybe a larger amount for your community, please reply to this email and let us know.


In addition, we are making the electronic PDF version available for those who have access to good quality printing facilities and wish to make their own. Please click the image below to download the flyer.




We also have many other resources on the way – so please stay tuned to our email updates.


Friends, we are working very hard to arm the Australian Chinese community for this campaign, but we can’t do it alone. So far, we have relied on the generosity of a few to pay for our campaign costs.


Now we are asking everyone who is able to chip in to support this campaign. Whether you can afford $20, $100, or even $1000 or more, please contribute. It’s crucial that every Australian understands the true consequences of redefining marriage – the foundation of families and our society.


Click here to make a donation via credit card. All donations made via this link will go directly to pay for more flyers, TV ads and other resources that will be rolled out over coming weeks.


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