法庭裁定父亲无权阻止15岁女儿进行变性治疗Father loses court bid to block 15 year old daughter’s sex change operation


家事法庭裁定这名叫 “雷恩” 的十五岁的孩子已经“足够成熟”,可以自己做决定,驳回其父亲的反对意见。孩子的父亲说,孩子太年轻了,医生为了达到自己的目的对孩子进行了思想灌输。

A TEENAGER has won the right to switch from female­ to male over the objection of her father, who claimed she was brainwashed by doctors.

The Family Court ruled the 15-year-old, known as Ryan, was “sufficiently competent” to make the decision despite the father’s protests his child was too young and had been “indoctrinated” by doctors “to push their cause”.






他说:“ 在这之前我对这件事一无所知。起初我也没当一回事,以为这只是小孩子胡思乱想,很快就会过去了,但是当我们在电话里越聊越多的时候,我才意识到事情的严重性,于是决定要和她当面谈一谈。

A judgment states Ryan’s mother, who is separated from the father, applied to the court in August for the teen to be allowed­ to undergo hormone treatment, which involves the administration of testosterone to encourage male characteristics such as facial hair, deepened voice and increased muscle.

At a hearing the father gave evidence referring to Ryan as his daughter and saying she first “expressed thoughts about being transgender” in late October­ 2016 via text message.

Before this I had known nothing about this matter. Initially­ I played along, thinking that this may have been some childish fantasy/phase she was going through, but the more I talked to her on the phone the more I realised it actually­ was not, eventually telling her we need to talk in person,” he said.

判决书上说当父亲和雷恩谈话的时候,这个孩子拒绝回答父亲提出的 “为什么要改名,是受谁的影响做出这个决定的”等问题。他们之间的争论让父女关系变得疏远了。

The judgment reads that when the father did speak to Ryan, the teenager refused to answer his questions about “why she wanted to change her name and who had influenced her to make this decision”.

The argument led to the pair becoming estranged.

父亲认为雷恩还太小,不能自己做这个 “永久性改变一生的决定”,而且她还没有接受过心理治疗。


The father argued Ryan was too young to decide to make “such permanent life-changing decision” and had not been given psychological help.

Ryan was managed by two doctors: Dr P, who diagnosed gender dysphoria, and Dr T, who assessed whether the teenager was capable of understanding the irreversible effects of hormone treatment. The father­ noted the two doctors were members of associations which “encourage gender diversity­ and acceptance”.

“Hence I believe rather than treating my daughter’s psychological problems, I believe she has … been brainwashed by these individuals that going transgender will solve all her problems,” the father­ argued.

法官Stewart Austin在判决书里说,虽然他能理解“象孩子变性这样的大事让父亲很惊恐”,但是法庭还是要就孩子是否可以自己做决定做出判决。




Justice  wrote in his judgment that he understood the “father’s alarm at such a fundamental change as reversal of his child’s gender”. However, the court had to decide if the child could decide for himself.

“The evidence of Dr T, in my view, establishes the child does have such competence,” the judge said.

Young people do not need Family Court permission for puberty blockers, which stop them developing into the gender­ they don’t want to be.

However, they currently do need a court ruling for irreversible hormone treatment.

Justice Austin noted that decisions on hormone treatment had to be made with “sound evidence” which “falls beyond the limits of parental responsibility for a child”.