爱?平等?宽容? - Love? Equality? Tolerance?



Ever since the High Court dismissed challenges to the same-sex marriage postal survey, both the “Yes” and “No campaigns” have been building up their momentum. 

However, it is fair to say that the two campaigns are not competing on a level playing ground. The “Yes” campaign to redefine marriage has the help of a majority of mainstream media outlets which predict the “Yes” vote will win by a landslide. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that he would vote “Yes”, and asked the public to do so as well. Rainbow flags are flying outside many councils. Darebin Council in Melbourne’s north even boldly declared that it would lend its office space to the “Yes” campaign for free.[i]


The 'Vote yes' banners are seen throughout city of Sydney as part of the council's campaign





Victorian Police officially took part in a marriage equality rally, with officers in police uniform participating while on duty. A comment on the Victoria Police’s Facebook page rightly questioned,

“All tax payers including those who are against redefining marriage pay your salaries. Are you implying that only those who support same-sex marriage deserve your protection?”

As the campaigns become more heated, the rainbow warriors are beginning to show their true colours – despite their motto of “love, equality and tolerance.” 

来自悉尼的华人医生Dr Pansy Lai,以一位普通母亲的身份,在Coalition For Marriage(婚姻联盟)的电视广告中出镜,表达对同婚立法的关切,一旦同性婚姻合法,学校将被强制教授类似“安全学校”之类的课程。广告刚刚播出,激进同运份子随即在Getup!网站上发起请愿,呼吁吊销Dr Lai的行医执照[ii]

悉尼大学天主教社团的15名学生,在校园里摆设摊位宣传 “在公投中投反对票是没有问题的”,并准备了美食,免费供大家享用。他们的摊位遭到六十名同运激进分子围攻 [iii]。他们不仅撕毁了写着“It’s OK to vote No”的标语牌,掀翻了放美食的桌子,还高声叫骂,指控摆摊的学生是恐同分子、顽固派、新纳粹、殴打同性恋的人、狭隘的人渣,就应该被扔到垃圾桶里。同运分子偷走了摊位上摆放的宣传单张,朝天主教学生身上扔垃圾和避孕套,极尽所能想激怒摆摊的学生,但他们自始至终显示出极大的克制。最终,新州警方在数小时后出面干预。


Sydney university student holding placard which has been damaged by Yes campaigners


Sydney GP Dr Pansy Lai appeared in the first “No” campaign ad from the Coalition of Marriage, as a concerned mother expressing her worry that programs like “Safe Schools” would become compulsory once marriage was redefined.

Right after the advertisement was aired, a LGBTQ activist group initiated a petition on the GetUp! website asking for Dr Lai’s medical registration to be reviewed ii.

When fifteen students from Sydney University’s Catholic Society set up an “It’s okay to vote no” stall on campus, they were harassed by a group of 60 Yes campaigners [iii] who destroyed their placards, overturned their table with food on it and screamed abuse at the Catholic students, calling them “homophobes”, “bigots”, “neo-Nazis”, and “gay bashers”.

The Yes campaigners stole pamphlets, threw glitter and condoms at the students in order to provoke the Catholic students, who showed incredible self-control and did not engage. Finally, the NSW Police stepped in after hours of this abusive behaviour. 

堪培拉的一位合同制员工,在个人的社交媒体上发帖表示反对同婚立法,遭到支持同婚的雇主Madlin Sims解雇 [iv[]。Sims在其脸书上发帖宣布了这个决定,她写道:“投No就是恐同,宣传恐同就是发表仇恨言论。作为企业主,我不能容忍公开代表我企业的人,在网上发表仇恨言论……” 


The teenager who got fired for supporting a No vote




Last week, a contract employee in Canberra was fired by employer Madlin Sims [iv] after posting a “Vote-no” post on her own personal Facebook page. After firing the teenager, Sims posted on Facebook the following message:

“Voting no is homophobic. Advertising your homophobia is hate speech. As a business owner I can’t have somebody who publicly represents my business posting hate speech online.”

It appears that many same-sex marriage supporters think hate speech occurs whenever someone disagrees with them.

In reality, it is hate speech to personally attack someone just because they disagree with you. And to fire someone because of their views on marriage is discrimination and bullying.  


Coalition for Marriage(婚姻联盟)于9月23日在墨尔本举行的集会上,同运分子混入会场 [vi],打出了写着“烧掉教堂,而不是烧掉同性恋”的标语,且多次冲上讲台,试图抢夺话筒,在场内高喊“法西斯、烧掉教堂、把基督徒钉十字架”。类似的例子不胜枚举。原来高喊“爱就是爱”“投yes给爱”的同运分子,根本不打算将爱、平等与宽容给予和他们给与其观点不同的人。



于9月23日在墨尔本举行的集会上,同运分子混入会场, 打出了写着“烧掉教堂,而不是烧掉同性恋”的标语

Gay marriage activists unfurled a sign which read “Burn Churches Not Queers” at a Coalition for Marriage meeting on 29 Sep in Melbourne.


Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, a strong and public supporter of the “No” campaign, was assaulted in Hobart by a Yes supporter.

Gay marriage activists managed to get into an event organised by Coalition for Marriage on 29 Sep in Melbourne. They unfurled a sign which read “Burn Churches Not Queers”[vi].

During the event, these activists tried to grab the microphone and shouted and chanted “Burn the churches,” “Fascists,” and “Crucify Christians.”. Similar examples are countless. Apparently these same-sex marriage activists do not extend “love, equality and tolerance” to those with a different opinion to theirs. 


LGBTQ activists who advocate for so-called “equality” ignore the fact that same-sex partners already enjoy the same rights and benefits as de-facto heterosexual partners.

What they are actually demanding is for society to redefine marriage to include relationships which are not marriage in nature. This is not equality, but privilege.

Those with a different opinion on marriage are labelled as “bigots” or “homophobes”, in the name of tolerance. And in Australia, where there is no discrimination against the LGBTQ community, “Yes” supporters are in fact legitimising discrimination by bullying those who disagree with them. It has already cost a young lady her job.

不可否认,大多数LGBTQ人士,都是爱好和平遵纪守法的公民。我们在此真诚地对LGBTI 群体说,我们对你们没有仇恨和歧视。我们尊重你们的生活方式,珍视你们为社会的一份子。但我们坚决反对重新定义婚姻,反对给学龄儿童灌输流动性别观,反对系统性剥夺儿童由亲生父母抚养成人的权利。无论支持或是反对同婚,所有人都必须了解改变婚姻定义的真正后果。因为每个人都有权知道他的一票会带来什么后果。

Undeniably, the majority of the LGBTQ community are peace-loving and law-abiding citizens. We want to sincerely communicate to this community that we have no hate against you, and do not discriminate against you at all. We respect the way of life you have chosen and see you as valuable citizens of our society. However, we oppose to redefining marriage, teaching children gender fluidity at school, and intentionally depriving children of the right to be raised by their biological parents.

The consequences of redefining marriage must be heard by both “Yes” and “No” supporters, because everyone deserves to know what they are voting for.


For those who have yet to make a decision, please consider the issue carefully. While Australia has still not legalised same-sex marriage, people’s freedom of speech, religion and conscience are in serious jeopardy already; and the foundation of our civilisation is hanging by a thread.

If marriage were redefined by law, it would be impossible to protect our children from radical gender fluidity theory and intolerance of different views on marriage will be punishable by law like we have seen overseas.

Redefining marriage will not bring more equality or tolerance. Instead, it will expose people to discrimination and bullying because of their conscience and beliefs. Limiting freedom and democracy does not help our Australian society continue to prosper.



By the way, if you have folded, lost or damaged your form, or if you believe you have sent it in error, please call ABS at 1800572113 and ask for a new survey form as soon as possible. We understand that if multiple responses are received from an individual, only the last valid response will be counted by the ABS.

Dear friends, the postal survey on redefining marriage is crucial to the future of Australia and your children and grandchildren. Please seize this opportunity to vote NO!