安全学校是毒草,校园之内难除根 - 前工党党魁,独立媒体人 - Mark Latham: Safe Schools the toxic weed we can’t stamp out of the schoolyard


2013年安全学校开始,它本应该是一个防止校园欺凌的项目。但是它的创始人,维省学者Roz Ward,曾经承认他的真正目的是进行性别和性取向多元化的马克思主义解放运动。

Like a toxic weed that nobody can rid from their garden, the Safe Schools program keeps growing back into NSW classrooms.

When it was established in 2013, it was supposed to be about the prevention of playground bullying.

But its founder, the Victorian academic Roz Ward, admitted its true purpose was to foster gender and sexual diversity as part of a program of Marxist liberation.

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今年四月,新南威尔士教育部长Rob Strokes宣布废除安全学校,代之以一个更新的反欺凌项目。



In April this year, the NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes announced that Safe Schools was to be abolished and replaced by “an updated anti-bullying strategy”.

Four months later, the Daily Telegraph exposed the way in which education bureaucrats “had snuck the controversial course back into the NSW curriculum through sex education classes for Years 1-10”.

It was the program that refused to die.



Minister Stokes vowed to kill it off, plus sideline the Safe Schools resurrection squad within his department.

The result of this power struggle has become clear.

Public servants are running our schools, not the hapless Liberal Party Minister.



Last week, teachers in South-West Sydney told me about the revival of Safe Schools under a new guise: the Child Protection syllabus taught in Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) courses.

The original Trojan Horse in ancient Troy had one carefully constructed facade.

Safe Schools has had three: anti-bullying, sex education and now child protection. 



I was directed to a NSW Department of Education website to discover a lesson in Gender Fluidity 101.

Students in Years 5 and 6 — so as young as 10 years of age — are being taught that, “Femininity and masculinity are not necessarily inherent categories that pre-exist in each individual.”

孩子们被鼓励“ 主动进行性别类型的建设和维护”,告别“性别二元论(即只有男性和女性)” 。


Children are encouraged to act “as agents in the construction and maintenance of gender categories”, moving beyond “gender as binarisms”(that is, a choice between being male and female).

As a result, “the dominant social order” may be “resisted” — an echo of Ward’s radical political message.


North Fitzroy 高中是安全学校加盟学校,该校教师Bronwyn Lewis甚至组织了(性别和性向多元化)自豪学生小组。

North Fitzroy High School is a member of the Safe Schools Coalition, with teacher Bronwyn Lewis even starting the Pride Group for students.




Students are then required to complete a classroom exercise, where they bring in “a collection of birthday cards they and their siblings have received over the years.”

Even though teachers are required to display the male and female cards on separate boards, they must “avoid using labels such as ‘boys’ cards’ or ‘girls’ pictures’.”

This is another crazy “de-gendering” of language.

The exercise also seeks to undermine family life.


这也是安全学校要达到的目的: 攻击核心家庭,因为核心家庭提供了社会稳定性,维护了资本主义的顺利运转。  

Students are encouraged to challenge the cards’ depiction of “how you live your life as a girl or a boy”.

Then they are asked to “better describe the way you really are” — a rebuff to loving parents and the type of birthday cards they have given their children.

This too is part of the Safe Schools agenda: attacking the nuclear family for its role in providing social stability and the “smooth … operation of capitalism”.


The PDHPE syllabus ends with an invocation for “children to be free to choose their own ways of being a boy or a girl”, noting how “desirable ways of enacting gender” are often “contradictory or fluid”.

What’s this got to do with child protection?



It’s straight-out Leftist propaganda, masquerading as physical education.

Minister Stokes has lost control of his department.

Gender fluidity has been written into a range of NSW courses, consistent with Safe School’s neo-Marxist objectives.


When 10-year-olds are being taught this tosh, no parent can have confidence in government schools.

Their only option is to find a good religious school that believes in the principles of biological science — that is to say, that people are born either male or female.

And I say this as an atheist.


As long as my backside points to the ground, I will do everything I can to ensure my children aren’t exposed to these sorts of subversive beliefs.

The encouragement of gender and sexual diversity in education is a cancer on commonsense.


These are matters for parents to sort out, if they ever arise, not the relative strangers in our lives who work in the schools system.




Last month I had contact with two other teachers.

One said, “All this gender theory is fostering a 21st Century version of teenage rebellion, urging kids to buck the system for spurious reasons.”

“At a practical level, what happens to a girl who identifies as a male in the morning but gets her period later in the day?”

Good question.

The Leftist project is to defeat nature and mould society in its own image.

But some things are immutable, like the basics of biology.

另一位老师,来自于新州南部高中,描述了新的身分认知课程对一些学生的伤害。  “我们有一个学生像钟摆一样改变性别,如果那天他带了帽子来上学,这表明他当天是个男孩; 如果那天他没有戴帽子,那天她就是女孩。简直岂有此理!”

Another teacher, from a high school in southern NSW, described how some students are exploiting the new identity agenda.

“We have one pupil who changes gender like clockwork”, she said.

“If he is wearing a hat at school, it’s to show that he’s a boy that day.”

“When the hat is off, she’s a girl — that’s how bizarre it has become”.


The teacher regards the situation as “a clear gaming of the system” but feels powerless under departmental guidelines.

“With so much hype about mental health, no one can say a word to the student for fear of self-harm and a certain end to that teacher’s career”, she said.




Effectively, the Mad Hatter has more power than the teachers and principal.

Schools made a big mistake when they stopped being places of learning and ventured into the world of mental health assessment and radical gender theory.

The toxic weed has overrun the garden.