新州工党领袖卢克•福利反对“安全学校”计划NSW Labor leader Luke Foley opposes Safe Schools

由于工党领导人们对这一计划的观点不一,“安全学校”计划的去向充满了不确定性。新州工党领袖卢克•福利(Luke Foley)反对该计划在新州重新实行。




The future of the Safe Schools program is up in the air with Labor leaders split on the program and NSW Labor leader Luke Foley ruling out supporting its reintroduction.

The NSW Opposition Leader has rejected a return of the sexual and gender diversity program under a NSW Labor government, arguing that it does little to stop bullying.

“I want to be clear, the Safe Schools program will not return,” Mr Foley told The Daily Telegraph in Sydney.

“Schools have a role to stop bullying — but what I won’t have is some theory that comes from a university sociology course doing it. That’s not helping to stop bullying.”


新州工党领袖卢克•福利(Luke Foley)



新州教育部长罗布•斯托克斯(Rob Stokes)与塔斯马尼亚州的霍奇曼(Hodgman)政府一起,在四月份取消了该计划,两州都以更广泛的反欺凌计划取而代之。

The Safe Schools program is billed by its proponents as an anti-bullying tool that aims to boost a sense of inclusiveness at school for same-sex attracted, -intersex and gender-diverse ¬students. It has been criticised for introducing radical gender ¬theory into classrooms, while others have targeted its architects for promoting sexual and gender diversity rather than stamping out bullying.

Federal funding for the anti-homophobia program ended in October, leaving state governments responsible for funding it if they wanted it to continue or to draft their own programs.

NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes scrapped the program in April along with Tasmania’s Hodgman government, with both states replacing it with a broader anti-bullying program.



维州反对党(自由党)抓住福利先生的意见、质疑维州州长丹尼尔•安德鲁斯(Daniel Andrews)对该计划的支持,他这一立场将影响明年的州议会选举。“新州工党已经承认,‘安全学校’是具破坏性、属于意识形态的,并宣布它在学校没有一席之地。但在丹尼尔•安德鲁斯的维州,‘安全学校’是所有州立中学的必修教育,”反对党教育发言人蒂姆•史密斯(Tim Smith)说。

Labor states have shown a willingness to continue funding the Safe Schools program, including South Australia and the ACT, and Victoria where the -Andrews government committed to fully funding its own version of the program.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Paluszczuk has ruled out funding the program, leaving schools who want to take part to fund their involvement through their own finances.

The Victorian opposition has seized on Mr Foley’s comments to question Premier Daniel ¬Andrews’s support for the program that is expected to become an issue at next year’s state election. “NSW Labor has acknowledged that Safe Schools is damaging and ideological and declared it has no place in schools. But in Daniel Andrews’s Victoria, Safe Schools is compulsory in all state secondary schools,” opposition education spokesman Tim Smith said.

“(他们)已经承认丹尼尔•安德鲁斯(Daniel Andrews)拒绝承认的:‘安全学校’计划必须被‘彻底废除’”。


尽管在新州被移除,该计划的某些内容仍然顽固存在。上周,由家长组织的“你教我们的孩子是什么?(You’re Teaching Our Children What?)”机构成员,对新州教师联合会网站上仍然存在该计划的链接表示担忧。



新州教育部长斯托克斯 Rob Stokes

“(They) have acknowledged what Daniel Andrews refuses to: that the Safe Schools program must be ‘gone for good’.”

Mr Smith said he would ¬replace the program with a broader anti-bullying program, as NSW has done.

Despite its removal in NSW, elements of the program have persisted. Last week, members of parent-run advocacy group You’re Teaching Our Children What? expressed concerns that links to the program were still available on the NSW Teachers Federation website.

Mr Stokes was forced to intervene in August when a guide on “sexuality and sexual health orientation” for Year 1 to 10 was posted on the NSW Education Standards Authority website.