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站起来反对“安全学校” ——昆士兰请愿信

联邦政府即将在六月份结束资助安全学校计划。继新州决定取消此项目后,塔斯马尼亚州也同样决定取消,以一个新的反欺凌计划代替。但是昆士兰、维州、南澳、澳洲首都直辖区及西澳州政府却决定不理会家长反对,执意继续推行安全学校计划,更以州政府资金支持此计划。 我们希望大家可以签写以下这封信給昆士兰教育部长,要求昆士兰政府取消推行安全学校计划。

The Federal government will stop funding the Safe Schools Coalition Program in June 2017. Since the NSW government decided to stop the running of this program and to replace it with a broad-based new anti-bullying program, the Tasmanian government has followed suit. Unfortunately, the Queensland, Victorian, South Australian, ACT and Western Australia state governments has decided to ignore parents’ concerns and persist in continuing the Safe Schools Program as well as using State funding to fund this program.

We hope you will join us in writing this letter to the Queensland Education Minister, asking the government to stop Safe Schools in Queensland schools.


To the Queensland Education Minister Kate Jones

Subject: Please Stop Safe Schools

Dear Hon. Kate Jones,

In light of the Federal Government's decision to stop funding the Safe Schools program in June, we are writing to ask you to consider cancelling the Safe Schools program and replacing it with a broader anti-bullying program to address all forms of bullying and discrimination.

The Safe Schools program cannot achieve its stated purpose of anti-bullying because it teaches age-inappropriate materials and is based on political ideologies that have been found to have no scientific basis, causing isolation and bullying to children from cultures and religions who find themselves not able to agree with these ideologies. It does not allow for parental consent and violates parents’ rights in teaching their children their own family values and beliefs.

Please consider using State funding to instead run a broader anti-bullying program that is respectful of cultural and religious diversity and inclusive of all forms of bullying. We believe that it is paramount that parents’ wishes and opinions be respected and consulted in the running of these programs. Yours sincerely, (Your name, Post code)


給昆士兰教育部長 Kate Jones

尊敬的Kate Jones部长:

鉴于联邦政府决定于今年6月停止对安全学校课程的拨款, 我们特此致函,恳请您考虑取消安全学校课程, 以更广泛的反欺凌课程取而代之, 来解决一切形式的欺凌和歧视。

安全学校课程无法实现它所声称的反欺凌的目的,因为它所教导的内容与年龄不相宜, 是以毫无科学根据的政治意识形态为基础,导致那些宗教及文化背景不认同这些意识形态的孩子们因此受到孤立和欺凌。 安全学校课程不允许经过家长确认同意, 侵犯了父母教育孩子自己的家庭价值观和信仰的权利。

请您考虑使用州政府拨款来实行一项更广泛的反欺凌课程,尊重文化及宗教的多元化,反对所有形式的欺凌。 我们认为,在实行这些课程中,父母的愿望和意见得到尊重和听取是至关重要的。



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