Thank the education minister for stopping 'Safe Schools' in Tasmania



但我们仍然需要继续向政府官员表达我们的心愿,以巩固他们废除这个项目的意向,而且不再容许这些不当的内容进入将来的类似课程中。 我们知道支持安全学校计划的人,将会不断向政府施压,尝试以不同的方法,把不当的性别理论和性教育尝试继续渗入校园。我们希望大家能够签写以下这封给塔斯马尼亚教育部长的信:


In April 2017, the Tasmanian Department of Education has announced that it will stop funding the Safe Schools Program when the federal funding for the Safe Schools Program runs out in June 2017.

However, we still need to continue to express our concerns to the Tasmanian government, in order to consolidate their intentions and to ensure that future programs does not contain content from these inappropriate programs. We know that the supporters of the Safe Schools program will continue to pressure the government to infiltrate schools with gender theories and inappropriate sex education in different ways.

So we hope that you will add your signature to this letter to the Tasmanian Education Minister.


To the Tasmanian Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff

Subject: Thank you for Stopping Safe Schools

Dear Hon. Jeremy Rockliff,

We are writing to thank you for your courageous decision to stop implementing the Safe Schools Program in Tasmania. It is a great policy decision to replace it with a broader anti-bullying program to address all forms of bullying and discrimination.

The Safe Schools program could not achieve its stated purpose of anti-bullying because it taught age-inappropriate materials and is based on political ideologies that have been found to have no scientific evidence, causing isolation and bullying to children from cultures and religions who find themselves not able to agree with these ideologies.

Thank you for protecting our children from harm by deciding to get rid of this program in our schools.

We hope that the new anti-bullying program run by the education department will be respectful of cultural and religious diversity and be inclusive of all forms of bullying. We also believe that it is paramount that parents’ wishes and opinions be respected and consulted in the implementation of this new program.

Yours sincerely,

(Your name, Your postcode)


給塔斯马尼亚州教育部長 Jeremy Rockliff

尊敬的 Jeremy Rockliff 部长:

我们特此致函,感谢你们勇敢地决定在塔斯马尼亚州废除安全学校课程,并以更广泛的反欺凌课程取而代之, 以针对一切形式的欺凌和歧视,这是一项了不起的决策。

安全学校课程无法实现它所声称的反欺凌目的,因为它所教导的内容与年龄不相宜, 是以毫无科学根据的政治意识形态为基础,导致那些宗教及文化背景不认同这些意识形态的孩子们因此受到孤立和欺凌。


我们希望由教育部负责运行的新反欺凌课程尊重文化和宗教的多元化,并针对一切形式的欺凌行为。 我们认为,在实行这些课程中,父母的愿望和意见得到尊重和听取是至关重要的。



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