Ask Prime Minister Morrison to protect religious freedom and parental rights!




Before the 2019 Federal Election, we warned that some MPs in the Labor Party were pushing to strip the rights of faith-based schools and implement a “Safe Schools” type program nationwide.

However, following the surprise election win by the Coalition, senior Labor frontbenchers have acknowledged that religious freedom played a key role in the election result, saying many people of faith turned against Labor.

Furthermore, a senior Labor frontbencher has highlighted concerns among some religious schools and charities that they could lose funding because they were teaching a man-woman version of marriage.

早前 Israel Folau被解雇的事件表明我们现在迫切需要保护持守传统婚姻和性别观点的个人和家庭免受歧视。


政府新提出的反歧视法变化应该受到谨慎的欢迎,但它们还远远不够。 澳大利亚人的信仰权利应该通过“宗教自由法”来实现,而不仅仅是另一种反歧视法里面的一个豁免条款。

The Israel Folau issue has demonstrated that we urgently need to protect people and families who hold traditional views on marriage and gender. 

There’s never been a better opportunity for Australia to legislate for religious freedom, and the rights of parents who want to teach their children the man-woman definition of marriage and reject radical gender ideologies.

The Government’s newly proposed anti-discrimination changes should be cautiously welcomed, but they simply do not go far enough. The rights of Australians of faith should be enshrined through a “Religious Freedom Act” rather simply as another anti-discrimination exemption.



Prime Minister Scott Morrison promised to legislate positively in 2018 after the release of the Ruddock report into religious freedom, and now it’s possible that many Labor MPs could also support this legislation.

Now it’s time for him to follow through on that promise. That’s why it is paramount for all of us to write to the Prime Minister, asking that these rights be protected as soon as possible in the form of a "Religious Freedom Act"!




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