Thank PM Morrison for defending parental rights!

据《每日邮报》最近报道,新州部分公立和私立中小学校正在培训教师如何“发现潜在的转性别学生。这项培训是由学校聘请的所谓性别认知专家提供的, 属于专业水平培训的一部分。

The Daily Telegraph reported recently that some public and private primary and secondary schools in NSW are training teachers to "spot potential transgender students". The training has been provided by so-called gender identity experts, hired by the schools as part of teachers' Professional Standards Development. 


Our new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has made some very sensible comments on this matter. In response to the article, Morrison tweeted, "We do not need 'gender whisperers' in our schools. Let kids be kids."

莫里森还表示,因为他反对具有争议性的 “安全学校课程的内容,所以他要保护私立学校的宗教信仰自由。



Mr Morrison also said his objection to elements of the controversial “Safe Schools” program was why he wants to protect the religious freedoms of private schools.

It’s refreshing to hear this kind of common sense from an Australian Prime Minister, but he is being criticised for his sensible stand by the rainbow lobby and parts of the mainstream media.

That’s why we should encourage Mr Morrison and let him know that everyday parents and Australians appreciate his support.



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