这些同性恋者的孩子们为何反对同性婚姻?Why do these children of same-sex parents oppose same-sex marriage?

“这是一种奇怪而让人迷惑的感觉——你在人世间行走,内心深处带着难以磨灭的痛——对拥有一个父亲的渴望……”——Heather Barwick,两位女同性恋者的女儿

“It is a strange and confusing thing to walk around with this deep-down unquenchable ache for a father…” - Heather Barwick, daughter of two lesbian mothers


Same-sex marriage activists say that changing the definition of marriage will not affect children. To back up their claims, they cite studies finding that children raised by same-sex parents do just as well as those raised by married biological parents.


The truth is, the studies they cite have been proven to be flawed. These studies include small sample sizes of a few hundred families at most, recruited from gay websites (rather than randomised sampling), using poor methods such as asking the parents to measure how their own kids are doing rather than studying objective outcomes from the children themselves.


  1. 更多的情感和心理问题,
  2. 更差的学校表现和发展,
  3. 有证据显示在一些同性家长已经结婚的家庭里,孩子的发展状况反而更差。

(来源: http://thebigdealaboutmarriage.com.au/category/same-sex-parenting-research)

On the other hand, large, randomised, high quality studies on same-sex parenting have shown that children raised by same-sex parents have poorer objective physical, psychological and sociological outcomes, including:

  1. More emotional and psychological problems,
  2. Poorer school outcomes and progress, and
  3. There’s also some evidence that children do even worse in families where their same-sex parents are married.

(Source: http://thebigdealaboutmarriage.com.au/category/same-sex-parenting-research)


The message that children raised by same-sex parents do just as well as those raised by their married biological mums and dads is simply not supported by scientific evidence. On the other hand, traditional marriage has been shown by decades of research to provide the best outcome for children.


What do the children of same-sex parents say?

如果我们倾听来自同性家庭的孩子的心声,他们共同的信息是:孩子们需要他们的父亲和母亲。来自美国的Heather Barwick和Katy Faust,澳大利亚的Millie Fontana,这些已经长大成人的同性家庭孩子,勇敢地发声反对同性婚姻。不幸的是,LGBTI群体拒绝承认他们的发声。您可以点击以下链接了解他们的故事:

If we listen to the children of same-sex parents, their resounding message is that kids need their mums and dads. Heather Barwick and Katy Faust from USA, and Millie Fontana from Australia, who are now adults, have bravely spoken up against same-sex marriage. Unfortunately, the LGBTI community refuses to acknowledge their message. You can hear their stories below:


Heather Barwick


Heather Barwick 曾经是同性恋母亲们对外引以为豪的标准“优秀儿童”,直到她能够独立思考和为自己发声。她说:“我们在遭受伤痛,因为我们由同性家长养大……(然而现在)我们却要么被故意忽视,要么被打上‘仇恨者’的标签。”(David van Gend医生《从一个孩子那里偷窃》,第二章)请点击以下链接阅读Heather的故事全文:

同二代Heather Barwick反对同性恋婚姻合法化

Heather Barwick was同二代Heather Barwick反对同性恋婚姻合法化 a poster child for lesbian parenting until she was able to think and speak for herself. She says: “We’re hurting because we were raised by same sex-parents… (but now) we are either ignored or labelled a hater.” (Dr David van Gend, Stealing from a Child, Chapter 2)  Read Heather’s story here:

Heather Barwick, the daughter of lesbians, against gay marriage 


Katy Faust


Katy Faust,女同性恋者的女儿, 博客thembeforeus.com (“他们在我们之先”)的作者,她写道:“(同性婚姻合法化)……告诉儿童,他们无权拥有自然家庭或者生身父母,他们的存在仅仅是为了满足成人欲望的需要。” (David van Gend医生《从一个孩子那里偷窃》,第二章)


同二代Katy Faust:从儿童权利与福祉反思同性婚姻

Katy Faust, a daughter of lesbians and the author of a blog called thembeforeus.com, writes: “(Legalising same-sex marriage) … tells children that have no right to the natural family structure or their biological parents, but that children simply exist for the satisfaction of adult desires.” (Dr David van Gend, Stealing from a Child, Chapter 2)

Watch Katy’s video here: http://www.acfam.org.au/katy_faust_video

Millie Fontana


Millie Fontana 说: “这不是属于儿童的平等…… 所谓 “婚姻平等”的说法事实上很冒犯我,因为根本没有人考虑这件事的另一面和它的后果:这种结合造就的是像我这样的孩子。” (David van Gend医生《从一个孩子那里偷窃》,第二章)


Millie Fontana : 同二代亲证“婚姻平权”的虚妄

Millie Fontana says: “This is not equality of children… the term “marriage equality” actually offends me, because nobody is thinking about the consequence on the other side of the coin: what comes out of that union is us.” (Dr David van Gend, Stealing from a Child, Chapter 2)

Watch Millie’s video here: http:www.acfam.org.au/millie_fontana_video



We as a society must take responsibility for the welfare of our next generation. Since legalising same-sex marriage here would lead to negative outcomes for Australian children, it is important for our community to make a considered decision on this important matter.


The plebiscite that the government promised would allow all Australians to hear and consider all of the evidence before voting on this crucial issue.



If you haven’t done so already, please write an email to all of the federal Liberal Party MPs in your state requesting they deliver on their promised people’s vote on marriage. Click the following link to get a list of the MPs in your state here, along with a pre-prepared subject heading and email text:



By raising our voices together, we can make a difference for the next generation.


Australian Chinese for Families Association


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